soleterra acme cogen



We have partnered with Soleterra d’Italia to construct a co-generation facility that supplies power and heat to the Soleterra meat plant located just outside of Acme, Alberta .  We designed, installed and now operate this natural gas fired facility.  The facility was also designed to provide electricity to the Alberta Electrical Distribution System during periods of high demand.

This co-generation facility includes two generator units located in a steel framed building with the capacity to generate approximately 1MW of power. Heat will be recovered from both of the engines water jacket systems, to use in the utility heating system of the Soleterra factory during the colder months. This reduces the boiler load of the facility.

There are plans for this co-generation facility to eventually be tied into the Alberta Electrical Distribution System operated by Fortis Alberta.  Excess electricity will be exported onto the grid when conditions and prices dictate.  Fuel for the co-generation facility and Soleterra factory is supplied by Harvest Hills Gas Co-op.