whole leaf greenhouse cogen

We partnered with Whole Leaf Ltd. to construct and operate a state of the art greenhouse and power generation facility.  We designed and are currently commissioning the natural gas fired facility that will provide the greenhouse with electricity, heat and CO2. The facility was also designed to supply the Alberta Integrated Electric System with electricity during periods of high demand.

2019-04-09 piping into Greenhouse.JPG

The greenhouse power requirements will be met by the power generation facility. Heat created by the generator engines will be captured and used to maintain the temperature of the greenhouse, thereby reducing the need for the greenhouse to generate heat independently. Exhaust gases from some of the generator engines will be scrubbed using a European patented selective catalytic reduction technology. This will enable the emitted CO2 to be used by the greenhouse to accelerate plant growth rather than being released into the atmosphere. This unique facility will result in a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to a standalone greenhouse and power generation operation.

The co-generation facility is currently being constructed adjacent to the Whole Leaf greenhouse located at NE 18-9-19W4M.  The fuel source is sweet natural gas supplied from an ATCO Gas pipeline system running beside the site.


2019-04-09 pumps by HST.JPG